Life as a College Vegan

Just a 20 year old vegan feminist blogging about animal rights and the college life (: I'm a sophomore at Ohio University studying audio production. Feel free to ask me questions! I've been a vegetarian since about 8th grade and went vegan since starting college.

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when people ask you about the milk and egg industries and you reply in detail (about how they treat the animals etc)

and then someone comments like “this is why i’m proud to be vegetarian! <3”


milk and egg industries….





I’m 97% sure that this dog is wearing stockings

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Oh and for those of you who may be wondering, I’m not a strict vegan, I still drink a shit ton of coffee and occasionally eat chicken nuggets. I’m doing it for health reasons, not because of animals or whatever.

"not for animals or whatever"

there’s no such thing as “sometimes vegan”, you’re either vegan or you’re not

and coffee is vegan oh my god

jesus christ. 


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