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Just a 20 year old vegan feminist blogging about animal rights and the college life (: I'm a sophomore at Ohio University studying audio production. Feel free to ask me questions! I've been a vegetarian since about 8th grade and went vegan since starting college.

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Anonymous asked: The reason why today's milk is toxic is because the dairy companies put a shit ton on chemicals in it. Milk itself isn't toxic at all, it's actually very good for you. There is a reason why God put milk on this earth... for us of course. Organic milk is great! And it's not cruel to milk a cow (yes the dairy industry don't do it humanly), but a cow WANTS to be milked. I live on a farm with cows, and if they're not milked they are in so much pain, it's cruel NOT to milk them.









ughhhhhhhhhhh reading this actually hurts me so much

everything you said was wrong in so many ways

"there’s a reason god put milk on this earth…. for us of course." WRONG. I don’t even believe in god, but even if I did it is very obvious that the reason cow’s produce milk IS FOR THEIR CALVES

organic milk is not great, and cow’s milk is not good for you AT ALL. It is so acidic, so your body actually leeches calcium out from your bones to neutralize it, which can lead to osteoporosis. Also milk is mostly made out of the protein casein which is a CARCINOGEN. Carcinogens cause cancer in case you didn’t know. 

No, a cow does not WANT to be milked. They want their CALVES to drink the milk from them. 

The cows get in pain from not being milked because they are pumped with hormones to make them produce as much milk as they possibly can, much much much more than they would produce naturally. 

"it’s cruel not to milk them" OMG STOP. What’s cruel is raping a cow and then stealing her baby so greedy humans like you can drink the milk instead of her calf

Sorry, but if there are no calves, they still need to be milked, they are in pain if they don’t get it out. So they need to be milked. Also if they have calves.

And organic cow milk is not so bad at all!!!!


no they don’t need to be milked, why are there no calves? BECAUSE THEIR CALVES  GOT STOLEN

so give them their calves back and there will be no reason for these poor mothers to be milked

and yes organic cow’s milk is very bad, obviously you do not understand the whole acidity and casein thing which is very unfortunate 

I think this is one of the worst lies media has impregnated to people. I used to think that milk was eternal, that cows made milk just because…but I thought that because I never really questioned that…I mean is it really possible that from all animals cows are the ones that makes milk just because? This lies are thick, the propaganda just sicks me, and most of all because I was brainwashed by it, as most people are. I guess the problem is that if after you discover the true you don’t change, that’s fucked. 

I don’t know whether to be mad at the bullshit spewing from these ignorant people, or feel really disappointed that people believe this.

I know otherwise-smart people who still believe shit like this.

People who think like this make me sad…

Anonymous asked: I love your blog, I love what you're doing for the world as a vegan. Just thank you


Aww, thanks! (: I’m glad you like it!



Easter: Celebrating the death of a false God whilst dining on the flesh of innocent beings and snacking on bovine secretions shaped like chicken periods to further the social disconnection between animals and food.

happy Easter everyone!


being vegan is so emotionally draining like i can’t even look at someone drinking a milkshake without wanting to cry this is ridiculous if your ‘food’ makes me emotionally distressed that might be a sign that it’s not good 

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how much do islands cost i want one

Less than a college education


what the fuck

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