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20. Vegan. Bi. College student.

Questions welcome! I love to help. 2 years vegan and 5 years as a vegetarian.

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"derp/herp derp" is ableist stop fucking using it, it is a term that originated with making fun of kids with down syndrome and being like "ha ha derp face:-P" and it has been used against disabled people for so long after that, please stop using it, get mad at people that do use it, please

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I can’t stand it when someone says to me that humans need to eat meat to survive. And then still insist they are right even after I tell them they just said that to someone who hasn’t eaten meat in years.

ur dead obv

So I was in the car with family today and I passed a truck carrying pigs that I think I can assume was on its way to the slaughter house. I’ve never felt the kind of emotions that came over me like that before and it really hit me again why I do what I do. It was like a moment of my heart racing with fear for the animals followed by me trying my hardest not to start sobbing. I wish I hadn’t looked, but I also couldn’t look away.. :(


Anonymous asked: Hi! I'm still a senior, but I am applying to OU next fall. I happened to find your blog and I'm super excited, because being vegan as well, I have been pretty worried about the food situation in Athens. I visited one cafeteria (Boyd I think? honestly no idea) and there didn't seem to be very many vegan options. Both because I was overly nervous to walk around the place for a while, and also because I wasn't expecting much. I'd love to hear what your experience has been like!


Yay, this is so exciting!! :) 

Unfortunately, there aren’t too many vegan option at the dining halls.. The school likes to tell you there is, but as someone who has been vegan since I’ve been there, it was a struggle sometimes. That doesn’t mean you can’t eat anything though! It took me some time to know where to look, but you get the hang out it. Boyd is almost everyone’s least favorite haha. 

I’ve been told that you can talk your way out of a meal plan but I never looked into it. I did, however, have a friend who had special meals made for her :) It requires planning ahead and picking up meals on time but it’s something I wish I had done. 

If you choose OU, definitely come off anon and let’s talk (: I would be more than happy to help and show you around.

Anonymous asked: In your opinion if someone is vegetarian is that at least better than eating meat. Like if everyone in the world became a vegetarian would it help solve a lot of problems or is being a vegan the only true way to stop the meat industry and the consumption and use of other animal products?



Not at all. The dairy and egg industries directly support and profit from the meat industries. I think vegetarianism is great for people who can’t go vegan or for people who can’t go vegan just yet (i.e for those relying on parents feeding them), but otherwise it is not nearly enough to help animals. I was a veggie for 4 years genuinely thinking I was doing the best I could for them, and was utterly gutted and heartbroken when I discovered I’d still essentially been paying for them to suffer and die. The only way to stop the meat industry is to go vegan.

How I felt too :( Those few years, I thought I was such an animal lover by being vegetarian. On the bright side, it really helped me when I decided to switch to vegan. 

When you go to a Walmart that has a shelf of beta fish in tiny plastic tubs..


To be fair yeah Tyson may be sinking into oblivion but for every person that foregoes animal products, a hundred decide to support ~humane~ happy meat and a thousand people halfway across the world take their first bite of what will be a lifetime of animal eating.

So stop pretending like it’s some big victory because it’s not. There is so much work to do its ridiculous. We are nowhere near claiming veganism is changing the world.

Sad but true.


The workers who run plants like Tyson have all my sympathy.

The executives and ceo’s who knowingly and deliberately deceive the public about their product do not.

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