“Rows and rows of calf hutches for a 16,000 cow dairy farm in eastern Oregon - one of the many dairy farms in the US. 

On dairy farms, there are new babies being born every single day. Many dairy farms use the “hutch housing” system. Babies stolen from their mothers after birth (standard dairy industry practice) are housed in “calf hutches” (as seen). These babies, who are not allowed to drink their mothers’ milk, are fed “milk replacer” (another standard dairy industry practice) while their milk goes into the products humans consume.

Also, the milk substitute they’re fed is intentionally low in iron so that they will develop anemia to keep their flesh  pale.  Most calves suffer from chronic pneumonia and diarrhea due to the conditions they’re raised in, and given the fact that they don’t have room to move, they just sit around in their own filth.  And then self-proclaimed “gourmets” eat the tortured anemic baby cow diarrhea meat.

Happy to say that even though I haven’t always been vegan I have at least never eaten veal(to my knowledge).  My mom told me what it was when I was little and we both decided to completely avoid it.  And now we’re both vegan.


(via animalrightshumanwrongs)